Fire up your fitness at Ignite. A place to meet, work out, and have fun. With brand new high-spec equipment, group workouts and inspirational trainers who can help you reach for the next level, we have all you need to fire up your fitness.

We believe a gym should have a personality. When we started developing our first facility, we wanted to do more than just fill a building with equipment and workout spaces. We wanted to create an atmosphere that gets people going.

If you get the right vibe, fitness isn’t a chore - it’s a buzz. As exciting and enticing as a big night out.

When we looked at a lot of gyms out there, that wasn’t the case. Most of the time, if you take away all the equipment and set it up as, say, a restaurant, it would be a pretty lousy restaurant. You wouldn’t want to spend quality time there. No atmosphere. No vibe… No soul.

That idea didn’t sit right for us. So we took inspiration from all round the world, incorporated a little from each to deliver something for everyone, and created a space that gives you that buzz as soon as you walk through the door.

This is our dream gym. The vision was born a long time ago but that dream started to turn into reality around the same time as Covid-19. That wasn’t going to stop us. Determination, drive and desire are the foundations of Ignite, and they have enabled us to create something that, well, we think is pretty special.